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Network security

With remote access to company data and IT systems being deployed over the Internet, it is vital to ensure your network is secured. Direct Support can help you develop a security policy in line with your working practices, including:

  • Deploying VPNs with more than one level of password protection
  • Investing in administration tools to monitor the status of all computers
  • Checking virus updates are implemented for remote workers
  • Ensuring firewall policies are set and firewalls are properly maintained
  • Facilitating remote worker back-ups

Virus protection

Viruses and worms can very quickly wreak havoc on your network, so it is crucial to install proper protection on your system to help avoid risking loss of vital data and the knock-on effects of down-time. Direct Support can advise on the best ways to protect your systems. Should the very worst have already happened, we are highly skilled in removing viruses and spyware and are able to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


A firewall is a secure barrier between your private IT system and the public Internet, it protects your network from hackers and other security threats. We can help you choose and install the right firewall for your business. A firewall requires on-going maintenance to ensure it remains secure, Direct Support can provide this service on an ad-hoc basis or as part of a service agreement.

Spam filtering

Spam is one of the most irritating by-products of the Internet Age. Email spam targets individuals with direct mail messages which are usually totally irrelevant, malicious or involve dubious "get rich quick" schemes. Spam can reduce productivity by wasting time for end users who have to filter out unwanted emails or messages. In addition, opening some of these spam emails can seriously damage your computer or cause valuable information to be passed on to third parties via the Internet.

There are several ways you can keep spam-related security risks to a minimum. Spam filters scan the contents of emails and can stop all types of email borne threats: viruses, worms, malicious macros and spam email, before the emails arrive at your computer. Your mail is simply routed through a filtering application before it gets to your mailbox.


Passwords are the usual method of protecting computer data from unauthorised access. However, they need to be chosen with care to ensure their effectiveness. We can advise on choosing effective and easy to remember passwords. There are additional methods to protect access to commercially sensitive data, such as security ID keyfobs and encryption, which Direct Support can advise on and install.

Content filtering

Businesses gain essential information and resources via the Internet. However, there is a risk of offensive and irrelevant material being accessed, reducing worker productivity and clogging your Internet bandwidth. Direct Support can advise, supply and install a variety of systems to suit various budgets that effectively "police" Internet use in your business.

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